direct-coupled logic

direct-coupled logic
układ logiczny o sprzężeniu bezpośrednim

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  • Direct-coupled transistor logic — A special type of resistor–transistor logic (RTL) , a direct coupled transistor logic or DCTL gate is one wherein the bases of the transistors are connected directly to inputs without any base resistors. Without the base resistors, DCTL gates are …   Wikipedia

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  • Emitter-coupled logic — Motorola ECL 10,000 basic gate circuit diagram[1] In electronics, emitter coupled logic (ECL), is a logic family that achieves high speed by using an overdriven BJT differential amplifier with single ended input, whose emitter current is limited… …   Wikipedia

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  • Current mode logic — (CML), or source coupled logic (SCL), is a differential digital logic family intended to transmit data at speeds between 312.5 Mbit/s and 3.125 Gbit/s over a standard printed circuit board.[1] CML termination scheme The transmission …   Wikipedia

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  • Dynamic logic (digital electronics) — For the subject in theoretical computer science, see dynamic logic (modal logic). In integrated circuit design, dynamic logic (or sometimes clocked logic) is a design methodology in combinatorial logic circuits, particularly those implemented in… …   Wikipedia

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